Article: “Today We Learn And Innovate Tomorrow We Lead And Prosper”

Published February 27, 2013
Exclusive By Jennifer Hansford

This is the vision of the apparel company Stick and Change.The Toronto based company, which was created by Micheal Sher, an AborigiUnity Flag Stick And Changenal man from Serpent River First Nation in Ontario, and is striving to make positive change with a unique product called Cap Stick.

Cap Stick is a baseball cap that comes with changeable patches that have the words Live, Laugh, Love, and Cap Stick written on them.

Each one displays a different design. Sher is also in the process of creating a patch for a product that represents the First Nations population, which he hopes will help him raise money for communities in dire need.

The company was founded in June of 2011 with one of the concepts being “New ideas stick and innovative change happens.”

The idea for the product came to him when he was sitting at the kitchen table with his parents and brother. He says they were trying to come up with ideas that were cost effective, unique, adaptable and fun for everyone to enjoy.

Noticing that he was wearing a baseball cap, his mom suggested ‘How about things you can stick on a hat?’ “My imagination took off right away,” he says.

Although Stick and Change is still a relatively new company, it has made a pretty big difference in the lives of children in need of some cheering up, and at times a little stimulation.

On Halloween of 2011, 300 Cap Stick hats were donated to the Hospital Sick for Children during their annual Halloween parade.

Since the children can not have a lot of candy, Sher says this was a great way to put a smile on their faces, on a day such as this. Having this idea come to fruition means a lot to him after all the time he spent saving and working in order to get it ready for development.

“I had to sacrifice a lot to save for the development of the products and the company,” he says.

Two other organizations that make a difference in people’s lives, Puzzle Pieces Ltd and Train For A  Cure, have even provided a statement on the Stick and Change website expressing what Cap Stick has done for the people they work with, which helps show that his sacrifice and hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Recently, Brett Wilson from Dragon’s Den had the opportunity to see the Cap Stick product, and encouraged him to keep working on his marketing.

Since the Idle No More Movement began, he has also created an Aboriginal Unity flag.

“We need the unity flag to represent a positive international movement. Idle No More is powerful and will continue to grow.

We need a unity flag so that this positive movement sticks around and doesn’t fade away.” Sher further explains what each part of the flag represents.

“The Feather represents leadership ‘just one being’. The dots around the circles represent, chiefs, councillors, and people. The bigger circles represent unity amongst the culture. The biggest circle that the big circles make represent complete unity on our diverse planet.”

Idle No More, he says, has allowed him to be more educated and better connect with his culture by learning with them. He thinks a society that becomes all about greed, power, and competition instead of compassion and empathy is shameful.

Sher is using his company and products to help raise money for Aboriginal communities, but he also wants to make a difference in all communities who may be in need in some way.

Visit where you can learn more about Stick and Change, and have fun with the interactive section of the site.

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